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BIEN URBAIN festival

9th edition - 8 to 23th june 2019

Besançon (France)


THTF in Mont-Miroir high school

The two artists of THTF from Lyon (France), had a one week immersion in Mont-Miroir high school in Maîche (France).

The reason of this immersion : the realisation of a mural in the school yard. The purpose of the action was to involve a group of students in the realisation of this painting and find the right balance between, on the one hand sufficient freedom for students and on the second hand, a certain homogeneity across.

Twenty students took part in this action. The first step was to define the patterns and colors used. The sketches on paper were then given way to the drawing on the wall and then filling in painting : in pairs, students chose a color and have invested a space around the theme of their choice. When the paintings were finished, THTF filled the blanks with flat colors.

More information about THTF :

Photos : C. Cura, D. Demougeot

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