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BIEN URBAIN festival

10th edition - june 2020

Besançon (France)

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Weekend “Extra Terrain” in La Rodia – Festival closing15 July 2019

After 2 weeks of exhibitions, conferences, workshops and new artworks, the 9th edition of Bien Urbain festival ended in La Rodia on the weekend of June 22 and 23, 2019. The last week of the festival questioned the contours of urban art through several conferences and debates with the public. These moments of privileged exchanges with artists, professionals and urban art enthusiasts allowed festival-goers to learn more about the artistic approach of the invited artists, as well as about the documentation of urban art and the emergence of a Federation of Urban Art in France.


Young and old alike could participate to several workshops: an introduction to graphic design with Tamponlettre workshop, to robotics with Robo-brush workshop run by the Fablab des Fabriques, or to bicycle repairs with Vélocampus. The public was also invited to help the artist Thomas Lateur to realize his mural painting under the terrace of La Rodia.


Last but not least, this weekend was an opportunity for the public to discover the works of Bien Urbain thanks to a new and updated map of the artworks, and thanks to the city’s walking and cycling tours.

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