The association Juste Ici supports artistic projects in public space

BIEN URBAIN festival

10th edition - june 2020

Besançon (France)


Round Table Discussion – “The documentation of urban art”10 July 2019

The public of Bien Urbain was invited to participate in a round table discussion on “The Documentation of Urban Art” during the last weekend of the 9th edition of the festival, in the presence of Kristina Bohres (MZM), Mathieu Tremblin, Javier Abarca and Les Éditions Juste Ici.


Urban art is at first glance outdoors and often fragile. Since the 1960s, many artworks would be forgotten if they had not been the subject of photos, videos, books… Several artists, publishers and enthusiasts have presented in this conference beautiful ways to report on ephemeral artistic projects.

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