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BIEN URBAIN festival

10th edition - june 2020

Besançon (France)


Opening weekend “Terrain de jeux”10 July 2019

The 9th edition of the festival Bien Urbain started this weekend of June 8, 2019, at the Micaud Park in Besançon! It gathered many visitors coming from Besançon or further afield, young and old!



Lego® were in the spotlight during this opening weekend. Assembled, inked and pressed on coloured sheets in the printing-Lego® workshop, or slipped into the gaps of the walls in order to repair them with the Dispatchwork workshop of Jan Vormann. The German artist took this moment as an opportunity to discuss his artwork and inspirations with people during an aperitif meeting on Saturday evening. In this warm atmosphere, the park was on fire during the opening night of the festival with the DJ set Sabotage.


The exhibition “Piafs!” imagined by Maison Tangible and Errratum magazine, a collection of 15 humorous illustrations of Parisian clichés in augmented reality, came to life this weekend with our tablets and your smartphones. The Tour-à-Tour exhibition delighted young and old by working into the idea of the toy linked to the Franche-Comté territory and its specificities. Next to the kiosk of Micaud Park, Ludinam was hosting a set of games making children rediscover board and strategy games.


The festival crossed the border of the park: Marco Barotti’s Woodpeckers, these curious birds reacting to electromagnetic waves, wandered through the streets of Besançon and crossed paths with festival-goers who discovered Lebrel’s works under the bridges of Besançon by bike during Sunday’s bike tour.

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