BIEN URBAIN Artistic route through
(and with) urban spaces


The association Juste Ici is based in Besançon and invites artists to intervene in the daily life of our city.

Next edition : 20th may to 17 june 2017


Fermin Jimenez Landa – Eurovision16 June 2016

The list of banned flags for Eurovision contest was well exposed this year due to a controversial appearance of Basque flag next to ISIS one. Transcending the anecdote, it’s interesting to think about how, why and who makes this black list of symbols in this pop context. Is interesting in these times of old nationalisms revivals, big alliances, religion and identity conflicts, what happens with such an arbitrary geometric symbol.

Portions of each banned flag are picked from the list and put together in a composition of almost happy colours and shapes. The innocent wall painting is less neutral when taking a closer look and recognize some elements, not enough in context to be banned, not enough out of context to be impartial. No one can support ideologically the whole wall, no one can hate it totally neither.



Photos : Élisa Murcia Artengo, Quentin Coussirat

NN1A2811 Festival Bien Urbain _DSC2721_QC