BIEN URBAIN Artistic route through
(and with) urban spaces


The association Juste Ici is based in Besançon and invites artists to intervene in the daily life of our city.

Next edition : 20th may to 17 june 2017


Fermin Jimenez Landa – Soap Zoo16 June 2016

A small gesture, not very legal, neither illegal, happens in a Zoo. Zoos are terrible place that should disappear. A strange human invent that is interesting to take a second look in terms of architecture, history, sociology… I simply went to the Zoo of Besançon, located in the centre of an old Citadelle, and threw soap bubbles to the animals, jumping the fence without jumping the fence, creating a strange moment, more or less intangible, almost sculptural, almost performatic, a little bit human and a little bit animal.


Photos : Élisa Murcia-Artengo

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