BIEN URBAIN Artistic route through
(and with) urban spaces


The association Juste Ici is based in Besançon and invites artists to intervene in the daily life of our city.

Next edition : 20th may to 17 june 2017


ESCIF, associate artist of the 6th edition of BIEN URBAIN !4 February 2016

We are delighted to announce that the programming of the 6th edition of BIEN URBAIN, artistic route through (and with) the public space, will be performed with the artist Escif ! Born in Valencia, Spain, Escif is the first artist we have invited for Bien Urbain, in 2011 and 2012. He often comes back to Franche-Comté this year, on the occasion of collective artistic and participatory actions in High Schools.
His murals, modest or monumental, evoke satirical drawing. He considers his practice as a reflection exercise, which can be shared with the public and dedicated to highlight some problems. With us, Escif will invite artists who, like him, will intervene around the theme « after the wall ».
☞ Thanks to him for having made the greeting card’s visual of our association!