The association Juste Ici supports artistic projects in public space

BIEN URBAIN festival

10th edition - june 2020

Besançon (France)


JUSTE ICI is a non profit organization which supports art projects in public space.

Throughout the year, the organization carries out actions with artists, students and teachers, where art in public space permeet to create links and unexpected things ! Of course we’re interested about art and culture, but the fact of working outside and with people, under constraints of context or materials, invites participants to ask questions about architecture, geometry, history, geography, and “living together”.




The association works since 2011 in the organization of BIEN URBAIN, artistic routes through (and with) urban spaces. Now imagined with the help of an artist, the festival welcomes each year about fifteen international artists among the most influential of their generation (murals, installations, multimedia creations …) for a time of creation of about two weeks. Each comes in its way, surprise us by intervening through (and with) the public space, investing walls, streets and parks around us. We propose you to realize that step with them, through our visits (downtown campus, through the city…) or at meetings, conferences and workshops, most of which take place Chez Urbain!

Chez Urbain is open to all and offers a living space where curious meet, volunteers and artists in a unique atmosphere. It is above all a friendly place offering a specialized bookshop and a refreshment area, around which everyone can learn about the various appointments of the festival and meet for workshops, meetings or visits the artistic routes.



Journalists friends :


☞ The press review of the 5th edition of BIEN URBAIN, an artistic route through (and with) public space” is downloadable HERE !

☞ The press kit of the 5th edition of “BIEN URBAIN, an artistic route, through (and with) public space” is downloadable HERE !

☞ The visuals (low resolution) are downloadable HERE

☞ The visuals (high resolution) are downloadable HERE


We are always happy to receive articles published about us!

☞ Do not hesitate to contact us for any issue related to our activities or if you want more information about the artists of the previous/next editions of BIEN URBAIN.

☞ For posting pictures from this website, thank you to site  the artist’s name, the name of the photographer and to make a link to our site and / or those of artists and photographers.



If you want to take part of the adventure by getting involved in our projects, here are some ways to support us :



The organization of BIEN URBAIN relies heavily on the involvement of volunteers of the association : to help artists welcome the public, develop Chez Urbain and workshops, broadcast programs and posters, prepare events are all collective missions that allow wonderfull meetings !


If you would like to donate, please contact us, it’s always better to meet. But if you wish to remain anonymous you can make a donation to the association with the Paypal button on this page. 66% of the donation is deducted from your income tax. We are also followers of the recovery and recycling, if you have an interesting stock boards, cleats or outdoor acrylic paint you want to get rid of, please feel free to let us know !



Association JUSTE ICI

Friche artistique de Besançon

10 av. de Chardonnet

25000 Besançon




The team :


☞ President : Thomas HUOT-MARCHAND

☞ Coordinator : David DEMOUGEOT – david (at)

☞ Cultural Action Officer : Johanna ROMARY – johanna (at)

☞ Communication Officer : CURA Chloe – chloe (at)