The association Juste Ici supports artistic projects in public space

BIEN URBAIN festival

10th edition - june 2020

Besançon (France)

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Ateliers Juste Ici

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The collectivity “Juste Ici” proposes free workshops open to everyone in the neighbourhoods of Battant and Montrapon, with the collaboration of a group of architects, designers and graphic artists, who have formed a think-tank for the conception of temporary urbane furniture.
We will attempt to re-visit and explore streets, parks and squares in order to examine the way we live in these public spaces.
From June onwards, join us at several public consultations to make your contribution and bring forward your ideas : Create tables, benches, deck chairs, football goal nets, parasols, plant holders, or any other ideas you may want to try out and make with our wide selection of tools.
The workshops “Juste Ici” are managed by two architects, Christophe Aubertin and Camille Tourneux (Nancy) ; a designer, Etienne Pageault (Paris) ; and two graphic artists Adrien Houillère and Renaud Vigourt (Besançon), with logistics and equipment support from “Ibride”.
This action benefits from a financial support from the French state and from the town of Besançon (Urbane Contract for Social Cohesion 2013), and exists thanks to the precious help of many parties, individuals, collectivities (association), private and state institutions from Battant, Montrapon and La Bouloie area.

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