The association Juste Ici supports artistic projects in public space

BIEN URBAIN festival

9th edition - 8 to 23th june 2019

Besançon (France)

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The first session of the academic year 2015/2016 was initiated by a workshop discovery of an artisanal printing technique : screen printing. Quentin Coussirat from Superseñor‘s Workshop, intervened with the help of our team, in 6 classes of primary schools in the districts of Grette and Butte in Besançon (FR). Each of the 118 kids involved have created two forms under constraints : an organic and geometric, both touching three sides of their size sheet 30 x 30. These were then used to print each visuals during a workshop introduction to screen printing. Each student randomly chose a color for a form, layering, creating a third color and, above all, a third form! The set of prints was finally pooled through a collective collage public space, 6 rue du Polygone in Besançon.


Photos : Éloïse Auffret, Johanna Romary, Chloé Cura.

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