The association Juste Ici supports artistic projects in public space

BIEN URBAIN festival

9th edition - 8 to 23th june 2019

Besançon (France)


Presentation of CLEA

As part of its educational policy and its project for culture 2010> 2020, Besançon decided to establish, in conjunction with artists, outreach projects and initiations of schoolchildren primary to different artistic practices. These projects are organized as part of a “Local Arts Education Agreement” (in french, CLEA). For the 2014/2015 year the association Juste Ici was chosen to involve an artist with students from two primary schools : the School of Butte and the school of Grette in Besançon. These are well over 160 classes of children from primary school that meet the artist Eltono through three stages of collective and participatory artistic creations in public spaces. Having started with a visit to Bien Urbain, an artistic route trough (and with) public space, the target is to get students to discover the area of ​​urban arts, especially by the sensitivity through practice.


Photo : C. Cura