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BIEN URBAIN festival

9th edition - 8 to 23th june 2019

Besançon (France)

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EXHIBITION Ericailcane/Leonardo – Potente di fuoco

→ From Saturday 20 May to Sunday 17 September at the Time Museum of Besançon


The father of Leonardo / Ericailcane, having noticed his son’s sincere and persevering passion for the invention of new animal species, had the brilliant idea of sending him a selection of his child’s drawings. A rediscovery to which Ericailcane wished to pay tribute some twenty years later by reinterpreting his own drawings with his adult look and his artist’s hand. It is this series of mirror drawings that will be discovered in the magnificent roof of the Museum of Time.



→ A Museum of Time exhibition, in collaboration with Bien Urbain
→ Booklet and activities for children available at the museum’s reception
→ From Tuesday to Saturday: 9.15-12 am / 2-6 pm. Sunday: 10 am-6pm
→ Adult rate 5 € / Reduced rate 2.5 € / Gratuity on Sundays and public holidays. Pricing Information: 03 81 87 81 50
→ Free guided tours every Sunday.

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